Benjamin Arizmendi is an artist with his roots in Mexico City.  He now resides in Oakland, California, having spent years living in San Diego, Los Angeles, Washington, DC, and Boston.

Drawing on a variety of environments and landscapes, Benjamin's work represents an attempt to extend external experience to the internal, and back onto the canvas.  A view of the world filtered through dreams and subjective impressions, yet concrete.  As Benjamin describes it, this is an effort to reach into the ineffable.  Something that cannot be written down, or subjected to the hard restraints of science, but which with a bold undertaking might be transmitted to his audience visually.

Benjamin's world is one of turbid gatherings, of circus performances, of the primordial male and female.  Vertiginous cities and ancient forests mix with pure abstraction.  But always through the lens of the dreamer, rendering each situation central to a common human experience.  The audience in a way omniscient within the bounds of the microcosm depicted.  With each work, a humble hope to achieve a balance of color and composition tuned to extract for the viewer a glimpse of the ineffable from both the mundane and surreal.  After all, the purpose of visual art can be seen as freezing, if only for a moment for the artist's audience, something that mere description cannot by its nature accomplish.

In his own words:

"Our subjective, internal experiences are remarkably similar.  But we are unable to easily describe, through language, how those experiences are in fact alike.  We can turn to art as a way to express our commonality.  Art is freedom because it erodes the superficial differences that make us individuals.  Our differences are incidental, trivial, barely relevant to the ineffable.  The ineffable is about what makes us similar, not different.  My work strives to represent the commonality of our mental life and rests upon a conviction that our collective subjective experiences are held together  by an undefinable, undeniable source."

Increasingly, Benjamin's subject matter depicts a scientific interplay between subjective and objective reality.  Physics and philosophy are particularly relevant to his most recent work (see Art and Physics section).  Benjamin believes that the truths of science can be accentuated through artistic representation and abstraction.  He believes the subjective element of scientific inquiry--the conscious participation and mental repertoire of the scientist-- plays a role not only in terms of affecting the results of experimentation (as it does in quantum mechanics), but also in the way scientific truths are understood and incorporated into a broader intellectual discussion regarding reality.  He believes abstract art can explore the subjective element of scientific practice and have an impact on the philosophical interpretation of scientific phenomena.  Benjamin has interpreted the scientific work of Ivette Fuentes (University of Vienna) and Irfan Siddiqi (UC Berkeley), both considered pioneers in their respective fields in quantum mechanics.  He has also interpreted the work of Bert de Jong (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory), a leading computational chemist, and Kit Fine (NYU), one of the world's most important philosophical logicians according to the New York Times.   Benjamin intends to collaborate more directly with members of the scientific and academic community, and believes that abstract art can ultimately have a deep impact on various forms of rational inquiry,  For Benjamin, the relationship between art and truth is one that must be fully explored.  Art is a medium for expanding rationality beyond the conventions of logic and mathematics. 

Benjamin's work has been exhibited in Laguna Beach, CA, San Francisco CA,  Berkeley CA,  East Hampton NY, and Vienna, Austria.  He is currently represented by Hugo Rivera Gallery, in Laguna Beach CA.  He has a large number of private collectors, including the UC Berkeley Physics Department,  Biomerieux Americas, and Quantcast.

Benjamin earned his BA in philosophy with honors from UCLA.  He holds a JD from the The George Washington University Law School.

Benjamin Arizmendi Collection

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