Entanglement: The Aesthetics of Quantum Mechanics

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Benjamin Arizmendi is an expressionist artist based in San Francisco, California.  Benjamin'ss work represents an attempt to extend external experience to the internal, and back onto an artistic medium.  A view of the world filtered through dreams and subjective impressions, yet concrete.  As Benjamin describes it, this is an effort to reach into the ineffable---something that cannot be written down, or subjected to the hard restraints of science, but which with a bold undertaking might be transmitted to his audience visually.  Benjamin received a BA with honors in philosophy from UCLA.

Ivette Fuentes is a Professor of Theoretical Quantum Optics at the University of Vienna.   Her research focuses on the overlap of quantum physics and relativity.  Ivette's  work in theoretical physics aims at finding grounds where quantum and relativistic effects can coexist in a compatible way. She applies novel techniques from information theory and metrology to find ways for quantum matter to explore the underlying spacetime.  She obtained her PhD from Imperial College, London (UK) and held academic positions at the University of Oxford (UK), Perimeter Institute (Canada), Technical University Berlin (Germany) and University of Nottingham (UK). 

Art and Science are usually considered to be separate and incompatible. Using aesthetics as a bridge, Benjamin and Ivette search for a common language that will enable them to create their own view of the universe and discover insights about its essence. From the depths of a common spacetime, where science and art get entangled, they learn from each other and create new ways to express and explore the different planes of reality.   Reality is there, awaiting for interpretation and scrutiny.  It is also there awaiting to be felt and projected in abstraction, from the core of the human spirit.  Benjamin searches for the ineffable, for internal disruption and resolution.  Ivete searches for demonstrable results, for external integration of macroscopic and microscopic states of affairs.   They confront the universe from different vantage points.  They seek to reconcile their methods to redefine notions of spacetime and incorporate the human spirit into the very fabric  of rationality and intuition.

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